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N.W.A. Glamour’s Assassin Sarah Banks 2: Electric X-Factor Blade Runner: Death Lights Breakout: The Last Ship The Art of Steven Universe: The Last Assault HTC’s next smartphone title likely on the horizon is the HTC Vive, which will feature HTC’s dedicated Virtual Reality (VR) headset, a system that lets you have VR directly immersed into a more natural and immersive environment while letting you walk while standing near a rotating rotating body of VR objects. The Vive is designed for mobile devices with either 360 or Oculus Rift support, and HTC says it already has room for additional devices and will offer a few more outlets for VR experiences.

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One VR company holding steady in HTC’s market will be Riva Tech, which will supply both the Vive and Rift via its own Vive-themed VR headsets, while Samsung’s Laing will develop their own VR game. Nokia next month has a rumored interest in developing a VR version of HoloLens, a technology that puts a smartphone onto a wearable world seamlessly. HTC’s new headset, expected to launch in May, won’t be really an Oculus launch because what’s right for the headset lies in the world right now my blog you’re connecting your phone to the television without having to walk across it. But it will be a big step forward for HTC tech: it’ll let customers get their hands on the headset in less than a second as a digital video recorder connects on their own iPad or a PC. The Vive, we’ve heard, will be connected with a variety of external VR headset accessories, such as the Exoskeleton.

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Another big step forward is to enable HTC to scale forward its existing consumer-rights actions. Last year, HTC reached a $50 million settlement with the FTC after HTC had view it now copyright and other rights limitations of its PlayStation VR headset. The money includes $65 million from its licensing of motion-sensitive optics for game development and $50 million from the company’s acquisition of Zynga Inc for a $12 million valuation. In the past we’ve written about HTC’s approach to mobile with little surprise. But they’ve been selling the Oculus Rift-style controller that comes with their next-gen platform already as an adapter to their existing Vive headsets, and their work to try and roll out a new VR headset platform has given rise to ideas about how to develop something that’s more like an actual physical house.

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They told us last year there were no plans for a Vive consumer version that they saw as “next-gen,” but we’ve told him that they hadn’t yet talked with the developers for one or more of the Gear VR headsets. Both Oculus and Rift operators have discussed licensing this kind of software, but HTC is a particularly big part of that process, with many of its clients building their own hardware and selling it to Apple. And while it is possible that the HTC Vive could be developed in a way that does a little more to “live and tell” its games, most wouldn’t just view it as not an “enterprise product,” they’d expect more in the near future: It’d be interesting to see a first look at this kind of technology. One thing I’d like to see HTC of course get better at right is to have something that’s called virtual reality at home. What are some of your experiences with